We provide people who want to come to USA or China for business, jobs, travel, education and so on with professional service for free. Our service includes:

    Offering recruitment information in every place of USA and China to foreign job hunters and helping them find a good job;

    Finding trustworthy business partners in China for foreign enterprises;

    Making detailed arrangements for global tourists coming to China;

    Simplifying the process of application in China for overseas students;

    Helping bachelordom and bachelorette find true love in China.

    For example, if someone contacts us for finding a good job in China, we will ask him or her some questions about career planning, such as "Which city in China would you like to work in?", "What's your current job and what job would you like to do in China?", "What's your expected month salary in U.S.A. dollars in China?" and so on. After this he or she should send Curriculum Vitae to us. Then we will contact thousands relevant Chinese companies that want to employ new staffs with experience and skills they exactly have and send the detailed contact information in English of these Chinese companies' Human Resources Director to them instantly. And we will continue to help some of them when they come to China until they're employed.

    In similar way, we find trustworthy business partners in China for enterprise to expand their global market,  make detailed arrangements in China for tourists to enjoy their colorful life and apply admission qualification in China for students to further their education.

    And the most important thing is that you do not need to pay anything to us for our professional USA&China service.

    Please contact us via Instant Message App such as WhatsApp, LINE, QQ or WeChat.

    WhatsApp Install Whatsapp on your smart phone, add our phone number +8613003945194 on your mobile phone's address book, then you can talk with us on WhatsApp.

    QQ Install QQ on your smart phone or computer, search our QQ ID (374948639) to talk with us on QQ.

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    Our database contains detailed recruitment information of millions of companies in USA or China. As long as you follow the instructions of the survey below, you will receive any amount of information you desire.